PJ turns have just released a 30 minutes long video full of travels, friends, dancing moves, beer and yes, bmx. There's a section with some images of our recent PinchAndRoll tour in south east of France. Tim is thaaaaaa man! RIGGING!

Pic: Hadrien Picard

If you want to donate to help paying Mowgly's funeral and for his daughter and girlfriend, here's the link:
Voici le lien pour participer aux frais funéraires de Denis "Mowgly" Darbeau et pour aider sa fille Lola et sa compagne Audrey:

Mon pote Mowgly..

Je t'ai vu grandir avant qu'on prenne nos distances, je dirais même qu'on a grandi ensemble dans le BMX, mais séparément..


DOWN FOR LIFE - 2017 from Gildas on Vimeo.

Down for life est de retour en 2017 par le bon gildas. Vdo filmée sur leurs différents trips européens de cette été. Braaaaap, sickhead!

2017 in Pa woods

PINARD SESSION from Sybren Planting on Vimeo.

Remember our last PinchAndRoll Tour! This spot rules!

La Villette BMX Trail 2017 // Jean Thurel // Home edit from Jean Thurel on Vimeo.

Enjoy Jean Thurel on La Vilette trails! 

Hey chaps
Here's  just a quick photo report of The Lost Trails jam in Mataro from last week.
I'm pretty much slacking on writing words but be sure of one thing : it was a blast, as expected!

Enjoy the atmosphere through PJ's pix!